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Sam Caines

Congratulations Sam Caines- 4th in Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Sam lost 5.6kgs, 15 cm off her waist and 6% of her bodyweight. Well done Sam you have done an amazing job on your weight loss making your exercise your priority throughout your busy weekly schedule and travelling from Medowie to get to your sessions. This didn’t stop you as well when you were away on your family holiday You are inspirational to show “yes this can be done” You are looking great and we congratulate you on your achievements. Sam writes:” I joined the TCWLC to get back on track with my fitness. The biggest obstacle was excuses and time. I had to stop using a busy life as an excuse. I had to start exercising at 5 am to ensure I made it to a class as with 2 very sporty boys most of my afternoons are driving them to train.

Top Coach helped me with my goal by not letting my excuses get in the way of me succeeding. Top Coach would always check in with me especially whilst I was away on holidays. My advice to others is don’t find a reason why not find a reason how to!”

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