We have over 20 different REAL beginner programs – Each one progressively becomes harder before you move up to Intermediate Level. No matter what your age- (See our testimonials from 50, 60 & 70 year olds!) These videos focus on imbalances to keep you injury free while gradually improving your fitness before you are ready to progress. Just 30 minutes a day – Guaranteed to get you feeling and moving better than you ever thought was possible.


sample our on demand beginner training programs

Beginner 1

A 30 minute video whereby we teach you some basics and start to look at why people’s imbalances will eventually cause injury and limit your strength gains.

Beginner 2

Glutes 1

This video explains how and why it is so important to activate & strengthen your glutues muscles to avoid injury and build a solid foundation

Beginner 3

Soccer Ball

A 30 minute video on how to strengthen your core, adductors, calves to prevent injury and take another step further to building a solid foundation

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