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Gemma Reid

Congratulations Gemma Reid on placing 3rd in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Congratulations Gemma Reid losing 5.1 kgs, 5cm off her Waist, 5cm off her Hips and 7% of her body weight to place third in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge! Gemma worked consistently hard to achieve her results and has made some impressive changes to her strength and fitness levels as well. Well done Gemma, this is a fantastic result and you are still continuing to lose weight. You are looking great!

Gemma writes: “ Whilst in labour with my beautiful daughter, there were complications resulting in me having an emergency c-section. I also had further complications which put me out of action for a while. Whilst recovering I wasn’t able to exercise resulting in me gaining weight and getting to the heaviest I have ever been at 70.6kg. This was a shock to me as I have always been slim and I felt sluggish and tired with no energy. So when I started back at Top Coach I realised I needed to do something more than just exercise, so I decided to try the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge which forced me into looking at my diet and eat healthier.

The app (and constant messages from Chris!) really helped me to track and monitor my calorie intake. Chris was always very supportive and easy to contact, sending messages asking if I needed any extra help. The communication was fantastic and really helped, for example since the birth I suffered from low Iron levels and Top Coach suggested foods that were healthy and high in Iron. During the challenge, we would receive daily emails with exercise and food tips which really helped as it supplied me with a lot of motivation and good ideas to lose weight.

It has taken me 12 months to regain my core strength and cardio since giving birth. For me the top coach trainers are very supportive and understanding and tailored my core exercises to my needs, pushing me that extra mile in HIIT sessions to burn those extra calories. Overall I felt I did very well sticking to the plan and only fell off the wagon once on our Wedding Anniversary (went out around Newcastle, ate lots, drank lots of cocktails and ended up at McDonald’s at 2 am!) but I made sure I made up for it with plenty of exercises the next week!.

I feel the best I have in months and have so much more energy. Losing weight post-birth and getting your body back is very difficult. The advice I would give to others in the same position is that it is possible, but it takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Even after the challenge has finished I still continue to lose weight thanks to Top Coach’s help.

Prizes will be presented this week.

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