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Deb Jones

Congratulations Deb Jones equal 3rd place in the Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Deb started Top Coach with hip/lower back issues and also during the challenge had a bad fall at her Netball game injuring both hands.  However, she got through the tough times and never gave up despite the obstacles. Including going off to meet and attend concerts of her favourite idol Bon Jovi! but with all this Deb still managed to lose 6.55 kgs and get equal third place.Well done to you Deb!

Deb writes: “ I weighed around 20kgs heavier than I was three years ago, my heaviest weight. I also found I wasn’t managing my stress at work and I was feeling constantly tired and lacking motivation. I had a career that was quite challenging and I would often get to the end of the day and realize I had not eaten and would grab the nearest available food to eat. There was also a constant stream of morning tea, cakes and junk food. I started to feel my weight gain in my clothes, in my energy levels and the things I loved like tennis and netball, I found myself feeling very heavy and my extra weight I could feel in my day to day movement.

So it was time to take back control of my health and my body. I saw Top Coach had late sessions at 6.30 pm and they also incorporated lots of variety in their sessions. So that’s when I signed up and was looking forward to the challenge and made my health a priority.  Chris and Leisa kept me motivated and reminded me to slow down and get it right before just going full steam ahead. Then, when I was getting into a good rhythm of work, healthy eating and exercise, I had an injury to both my hands. I was feeling very deflated and at that time was ready to give up. I received constant emails from Chris and Leisa with encouragement and Brooke and Katherine adopted each of the classes where required. It was still a struggle to get motivated and I was in pain but I still showed up.  I was kind to myself in this challenge and still had good results. Top Coach was supportive but also gave me the push I needed when I was struggling. The challenge was just the start and I am ready for the next one to continue to work at the 20kgs I need to lose. I am feeling fitter, stronger and healthier and managing my day to day stress much better. Thanks, Top Coach!

Next Top Coach 10 Week Body Transformation starts 29th January.

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