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Ally Carroll

Congratulations Ally Carroll placing 2nd in Top Coach Weight Loss Challenge!

Ally lost 7.35% of her body weight, 5cm around her hips & waist. Ally you are an inspiration to others training alongside you. Well done this is well deserved for your commitment, consistency and discipline throughout plus you always add spark to others around you and make it enjoyable to train, you are looking great!

Ally writes: “I joined the challenge to see if I could actually lose some weight. My recent attempts didn’t have any results. I was surprised when I finally saw my weight shifting. The obstacles I had were with my sugar addiction. It took a couple of weeks to get used to not having my usual snacks (lollies, biscuits and chocolates). Also keeping up the motivation to keep going when I felt tired. Top Coach helped to give me the tools to get my eating, exercise and mindset right to be able to start losing the weight. Plus it was so good having others on the same journey as me. My advice to people doing the next challenge is to surround yourself with positive people who will keep you motivated to keep going when you feel like giving up. Also, to make sure that you keep moving every day. My energy levels have increased since doing the challenge. Thanks, Top Coach for everything.”

Next challenge starts: Tuesday 27th January 2020

Finishes: Wednesday 8th April 2020 (Just before Easter)

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