Chris Kennedy

After contesting for the Australian Heavyweight Boxing title, I retired from boxing but I was broke. I was running boot camps while bouncing in nightclubs on the weekends. I thought I knew everything and there was only one way to train. No pain, no gain. But even though I had good numbers in my boot camps everybody was constantly injured and they became unsustainable.

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Then I worked in a gym and the focus shifted to selling memberships and leaving the clients to do their best. I couldn’t see a future in the fitness industry. My profile gave me a following and I became the pied piper of night club promoters. Eventually, I owned three nightclubs and was making obscene amounts of money. I didn’t do any exercise for ten years. But my greatest asset was spiralling out of control. I finally became sick and tired of being “sick and tired.” I reached rock bottom and had to turn my life around. I had to become healthy again. But every time I tried, I got injured. 


Cat scans, X-rays, Physios, chiropractors, naturopaths, sports massage. You name it. I tried it. But it was always a band aid. I tried different types of training. Different sports, another injury and back to the unhealthy lifestyle. I had more comebacks than Johnny Farnham but I couldn’t break the cycle. Nobody ever told me it was the type of training I was doing that was causing my injuries. Now, at 61, I’m stronger, fitter and healthier than 98% 0f twenty year olds and have the opportunity to show others how to do the same.

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