Learn from expert personal trainers with REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE who practice what they preach!
Chris 61. Leisa 51. Both able to do what people HALF their age can not in aerobic fitness, strength & energy- WHY?
Learn their secrets that work- Try the first 3 videos for yourself and you will see how great you will feel immediately!!

Beginner 1

A 30 minute video whereby we teach you some basics and start to look at why people’s imbalances will eventually cause injury and limit your strength gains.

Beginner 2

Glutes 1

This video explains how and why it is so important to activate & strengthen your glutues muscles to avoid injury and build a solid foundation

Beginner 3

Soccer Ball

A 30 minute video on how to strengthen your core, adductors, calves to prevent injury and take another step further to building a solid foundation with just a soccer ball!

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